5 Tips For Helping A Senior With Limited Mobility

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Whether it is due to a stroke or arthritis, limited mobility can be very frustrating for a senior. Not being able to get around easily can definitely reduce a person's quality of life. If your elderly loved one has limited mobility, there are several things you can do to help him.

Modify the Home

If your elderly loved one cannot get around easily, his home may need modified. For example, if he is in a wheelchair, you can install ramps at entrances and widen the hallways. You can also install grab bars in the shower to prevent your loved one from slipping and falling.

Buy Mobility Aides

Mobility aides can really make a big difference for someone with mobility issues. These devices, such as canes and walkers, can help your elderly loved one get around much more easily. Other great mobility devices include swivel seats for cars, risers for chairs and shower chairs. 

Hire a Home Health Aide

Another way you can help a senior with limited mobility is to hire a home health aide. A home health aide is a healthcare professional who will come to your elderly loved one's house and help him with his daily needs including cooking, cleaning and laundry. Having a home health aide around will make your elderly loved one's life a lot easier.

Suggest a Support Group

Having limited mobility can be difficult to cope with sometimes. If your elderly loved one seems very upset about his lack of immobility, suggest that he join a support group. If he joins a support group, he can talk about his feelings with others who share his struggles.

Encourage Exercise

Even seniors with limited mobility have the ability to exercise. Exercise can improve strength, ease anxiety and help your elderly loved one feel better about himself. For example, you could encourage your elderly loved one to swim in a pool. Swimming is easy on the joints and will benefit the cardiovascular system. If your senior family member is confined to a wheel chair, you could have him lift small dumbbells. 

If you follow these tips, you can make your elderly loved one's life a lot easier. Also, understand that living with limited mobility can be difficult at times. If your senior family member ever feels frustrated or upset, listen to him and offer your support. If you are there for your elderly loved one, he will appreciate it. Talk to experts like All Stat Home Health for more information.