Assisted Living: What It Is And Who Can Benefit

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If you're having difficulty deciding whether assisted living is right for you, read on to learn more about it and who can benefit.

What Is Assisted Living and Who Does it Benefit?

Assisted living communities throughout the United States are a great option for many aging individuals who want to maintain their independence, but still require varying amounts of day-to-day assistance. They offer a unique living experience for those requiring certain types of help.

Assisted living facilities are frequently equipped to offer various levels of help, from basic daily task assistance to more complex activities of daily living help. If you are still relatively active and don't have any major medical needs, assisted living may be just what you need to continue living your life in peace and enjoyment.

How Does Assisted Living Compare to Other Communities?

Unlike nursing homes, individuals who live in an assisted living community remain fully autonomous. They can come and go as they please, and there are no minimum standards of care required. This offers flexibility for those individuals with increasing needs, but who are still able to care for themselves.

The help that residents receive while living in an assisted living community can be as simple as laundry and cleaning services, or as complex as meal planning, bathing, and medical intervention. Nursing homes are for those with persistent medical needs, but individuals with less complex needs can enjoy the flexibility that assisted living offers them.

The Benefits

Assisted living facilities are a fairly new invention, as they meet a need that wasn't always there. As medical technology advances, people are living longer and fuller lives. There are many medical issues, such as diabetes, that can now be handled at home or with the help of a nurse, that used to require extensive medical intervention.

If you are dealing with the difficulties of aging but still enjoy all that life has to offer, an assisted living facility like Hopewell In-Home Senior Care may be exactly what you need. Not only can you live independently, but you can also do so for much longer, as the practices put in place at assisted living facilities foster healthy aging and independence.

If you have more complex medical needs, don't assume that an assisted living facility won't work for you. Set up a visit today. You may be surprised at all that an assisted living facility has to offer and what they can do to help you meet your exact needs.