Keeping Your Senior In Good Health During Flu And Cold Season

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Senior citizens are more susceptible to coming down with a cold or flu when exposed to bacteria and viruses. While most people's immune system can help fight off the sickness, seniors suffer from weaker immune systems. Their bodies do not produce the same amount of antigens they once did. This means when they exposed to viruses and germs, it can turn into a more serious problem that others would have no problem fighting off. In order to prevent senior citizens from getting sick, there are certain precautions that need to be made from caregivers (such as those from ComForcare Home Care - Slidell, LA), family, and friends. 

Vaccines and Immunizations

One of the best ways to prevent from getting sick is to get vaccinated. Flu season can be very bad for senior citizens. Anyone can develop the flu, but seniors are more likely to develop the illness than any other population due to their weakened immune systems. Around 90% of deaths related to the flu occur in people aged 65 and older. What may be a simple sickness to one person can be life threatening to an elderly person. Getting the flu shot is imperative to those who are likely to catch it. 

Hand Washing

The uttermost important way to protect seniors during cold and flu season is by washing your hands. Anyone who comes into contact with the senior citizen should constantly wash their hands to prohibit the transmission of germs. You should also make sure the senior washes their hands many times during the day. Anytime after using the restroom, before and after eating, and administering medicines you should wash your hands. Additionally, if you are out and cannot get to the sink to wash your hands, antibacterial gel is great at killing any bacteria present on the hands. 

Get Enough Rest

Everyone requires a certain amount of sleep in order to stay healthy. Just like anyone, senior citizens are not exempt to needing proper rest. It is important that all seniors stay active but not to the point where they do not get the amount of rest they need. Encouraging the senior to rest and get a good night's sleep is crucial to their health. It is also recommended that they are able to nap when tired. 

Proper Nutrition

Getting the right nutrients is important for anyone, especially for senior citizens. As you age, your tastes can start to change and foods do not have as much flavor as they once did. With a well-balanced diet, your senior will get the nutrients they need to keep their strength up. Make sure they get plenty of fruits and vegetables with very little fats.