3 Ways To Help Your Elderly Loved One Feel Comfortable Through Conversation

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Many people have a grandparent, or loved one in a senior care center. Even though you know that it is important to visit and keep in touch, it might feel challenging. As your loved one ages it may become harder and harder to know how communicate with them. This is especially the case for youth and young adults. The goal when talking with the elderly is to make it a positive experience for both individuals. Here are some tips for communicating with the elderly.

1. Ask Open Ended Questions

Starting a conversation might be a little challenging. You might not know what to talk about, or if your aging loved one even wants to talk. Many times your loved one will want to talk, especially to youth and young adults, but they don't know how to get the conversation started. One of the best ways to start a good conversation is to ask an open-ended question. Don't ask something like "did you see the news today?" Instead, try asking something like "what do you think about the new school they are putting in by your house?" These sorts of questions will be easier to answer and can get a good conversation going.

2. Give Them Time

Understand that when you ask an aging individual a question, they need time to answer it. They might not be able to formulate a response right away. Instead, they may need a minute or even a couple minutes to think about the question before they are ready to answer. This may be awkward for you, and you may be tempted to fill the silence, but try not to. Don't be afraid to just sit for a while and let them think about the question. They will answer when they are ready.

3. Talk About Their Life

Current issues, heated topics, and other controversial topics might be challenging for your aging loved one. Instead, they might want to share stories about their life. You can ask them questions about their most recent days, such as "what did you do yesterday?" or you can ask questions about their past. Some of the best conversations revolve around the questions "what kinds of things did you do for fun as a child?" "Did you enjoy school?" "What things would you change about your life?" These questions will not only help you get to know the person better, but bring back fond memories and keep your loved one talking.

By using these techniques you can get a great conversation going with your aging loved one. If your loved one needs senior care, visit ComForcare Home Care - Macedonia, OH.