Care For Yourself As You Care For Elderly Parents

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Are you responsible for the care of elderly parents? You probably remember the days when your parents taught you how to ride a bike and perhaps you have fond memories of the times they waited up for you while you were out on a date. Whether those memories or others like them come to mind, it must be bittersweet to realize that the tables have turned and that you are now caring for your mother and father if they are unable to live on their own. While the responsibility may seem daunting, there are things you can do to lighten the load. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to do just that.

Accept That You Are Doing A Good Job

Of course, there is always more that you can do to help your parents, but there are only so many hours in a day, and there is only so much money that you can spend. Consider making a list of your parent's needs and of the things that make them feel happy and secure. As you go over the list, it may surprise you that you are already fulfilling most of the items you wrote down. If not, is there a way you can incorporate some of your ideas into your regimen with them? They key is in talking to your parents and asking them to be frank about their needs and their wants.

Analyze Your Own Needs

Remember that you can't take care of your parents completely if you are not healthy and happy in your own life.

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