Nightly Postpartum Home Nurse Care: FAQs From New Parents

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Bringing home the baby is an exciting time. You have waited for months to have this little bundle of joy in your home and the time has finally arrived. However, many new parents find that those first few weeks after bringing home a newborn can be some of the most stressful weeks ever. The new mother is healing from the birthing process, may be emotionally and physically drained, and their partner (if there is a second parent in the household) may be heading back to work. Thankfully, there has been a new surge in the availability of professional home health and nurse services that specifically cater to new parents with overnight care services. 

How does nightly postpartum home nurse care work?

If you hire one of these home health services after bringing home your baby from the hospital, a nurse will arrive at your home at night and stay with the infant until morning, much like the routine that happens while in the hospital. this nurse is responsible for feeding your baby, changing diapers, and offering general care and observance while the baby sleeps. You can choose to have the in-home nurse overnight every night or just a few nights a week so you can get some much-needed rest. 

Isn't having an outside party care for your infant at night kind of taboo?

Even though this kind of care is relatively new here in the US, this has been common practice in many other countries for a long time. Some feel like they will be criticized for bringing in help in the first few weeks of the baby's life, but having help in the home with you as not as unusual as most people think. Many new parents have family members come to their home and help out in the first few weeks until the new parents can get rested and eased into the new schedule. 

What are the benefits of having an in-home nurse for your infant at night?

First and foremost, sleep! You will be able to get a full night of sleep while the nurse is in your home taking care of the baby. Getting enough rest with a newborn can be extremely challenging because they can wake several times through the night. Beyond this aspect, however, you will get the benefit of knowing yoru new infant is being watched over by a professional in those first few weeks, which means signs of health issues will be easily spotted. Plus, your nightly nurse can help you get the baby on a good sleeping and eating schedule through the night. 

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