What To Think About If You Are Considering A Home Care Provider For Your Loved One

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If an elderly loved one is in need of a supportive living environment, your first thought may be to place them in an assisted living facility. Although this is not a bad option, many seniors prefer the comfort and autonomy of their own homes. Thankfully, this is an option in many cases as long as your loved one is still somewhat independent. If you and your family are not able to see to your loved one's needs each day, or if you want them to have additional support and supervision, a home care provider is a viable option.

You must be careful when you begin the search for a service. You want a reputable provider who will take care of your loved one's needs without the need for concern. Hiring a provider through an agency is best, but not completely necessary. As you go through the research process, the following are some things you need to know:

Do a Thorough Check and Interview Potential Providers

If you are hiring a private home care provider, you are responsible for checking the background and interviewing potential candidates. This will ensure that your loved one is safe and is being cared for by someone with proper credentials. If you hire a provider from an agency, this due diligence is already done for you.

The Provider Should Know Your Loved One's Needs

When you hire a provider from an agency, they will come in and evaluate the needs of your loved one. They will go over their needs for supervision, social needs, and overall health. Together, you will create a care plan to ensure their needs are properly met.

Provide Training for a Home Care Provider

If you are hiring a private home care provider, you will need to go through the daily motions of your loved one, so they are familiar with their routines. You will then be able to determine if further training is necessary to meet their needs. For instance, if your loved one needs help standing from a seated position, it is crucial that the provider knows how to properly assist to avoid injury to both parties. Agency providers will typically assign a home care provider to your loved one based on their level of need. If your loved one requires skilled nursing care, the agency will make sure someone with those credentials visits your loved one.

Ensure You Have a Backup

When hiring a private home care provider, you need to know their schedule each week. If you are reliant upon the provider to be at your loved one's home each day, it can be overwhelming if they have to miss the appointment for some reason. This can be troublesome, as it throws your loved one's routine out of sync. You also have to then locate someone to take the provider's place or act as the provider yourself. Think about having a substitute caregiver at the ready in the event your primary provider cannot be there. Hiring through an agency typically helps avoid this issue, as the agency will simply send another provider in the place of the absent provider.

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