Stressed Taking Care Of A Loved One? Choose A Home Care Service

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If you are taking care of a loved one, such as someone that needs help after surgery, an elderly parent, etc., this can be stressful on you. This is especially true if you are the only person in the family that is willing to do this. To help ease your stress and make you a better caregiver, you should consider using a home care service. Below are different types of home care services that are available for you. 

Nursing Care 

One common one is nursing care. What is provided depends on what your loved one needs. In most cases the nurse will have a consultation with your loved one's doctor to determine the care they need. This care includes things like changing wound dressing, doing intravenous therapy, monitoring their health, monitoring their pain, and administering medications. With this the nurse will come to your parent's home at a certain time, which may be daily or weekly. The doctor will determine how often this is. 

Physical Therapy Home Care

There is physical therapy, including speech and occupational therapy, available for your loved one. This can help if your loved one had surgery to gain back the use of their joints and muscles. This will help them heal much faster. If your loved one has speech problems due to a stroke or other medical problem, the service can help with speech therapy so your loved one can converse with you and other people better. This will help your parent gain back daily functions, such as dressing, bathing, and eating on their own 

Home Health Service 

There are also home health aides that can help your parent with their basic needs each day. This includes helping them get out of bed, helping them to walk, helping them take a bath and to get dressed. Your love done can also be helped with eating if they are not able to feed themselves. This can be temporary care, or you may need this service as ongoing if your parent will not fully recover. 

Basic Care

There is basic care that is not medical care. Instead this person will help with chores around the home or tasks, which includes cleaning the home, preparing meals, doing laundry, do the grocery shopping and more. Home care also includes the aide to sit with your parent and talk to them, watch television with them, play games with them, etc.

Talk with your loved one's doctor to learn much more about the different types of home care services.